A birthday message from Lighthouse Center Inc., founder, Chetana Catherine Florida to Gurudev Chitrabhanu


July 26, 1996: A Tribute to Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu
I feel so honored and blessed to be part of this celebration and tribute to Gurudevji for his 74th birthday as well as his 25th year in the United States. We are all here tonight not only to celebrate Gurudev’s birthday and 25 years in America, but also we are here for another reason, regardless of who we are, where we have been , or where we are going. The reason we are here is that we love Gurudev.
Each one of us has, in many different ways, experienced Gurudev’s love and guidance. Through his love and guidance we have become more than we ever thought we could be. For me personally, Gurudev has been my Spiritual Father, mentor and friend. He has loved me when I felt I couldn’t love myself, when I felt I didn’t do the spiritually best I could do. He was and is always there, giving love and light to help me through some of the “dark” times of my life’s journey.
Each of us here tonight,  I believe,  has felt his love and understanding, for he has the kind of love that does not start and stop with the seasons, or reasons of mankind; his love to mankind. His love goes on and on to touch all of those open to receive it. He has a way of making everyone feel loved and special for who they are, just as they are. Sometimes we get lost in the darkness of our minds and temporarily we forget, we have spiritual amnesia about who we are and how special we are. When that happens, Gurudev astrally, mentally and physically sends us his unconditional love which then gives us the light to see clearly again. We can then see Who We Really Are.
Gurudev’s  messages of Jainism: “Reverence forAll Life” and “Non- Violence:Ahinsa” would probably not have been heard here if Gurudev had not come to America in 1971. For me, those two messages alone have changed my whole thinking process about living life.
When I first met Gurudev, Reverence for All Life and Ahinsa were new and fascinating concepts for me inasmuch as I had come from a meat-eating, prejudiced, drinking background. The more he talked, the more I listened and the more I realized that this was indeed what I needed to have in my life. This was what was missing from my life. This was the Spiritual Path I had been seeking.
Since then I have learned so much about the truth. And what I have learned from Gurudev I have shared with many, many Westerners. The Lighthouse Center’s mailing list is over 700, and over 1500 people have attended the introductory
meditation lectures. That means that many, many Westerners have been touched by Gurudev’s teaching, either directly though him or indirectly through the Lighthouse Center and me.
In closing I would like tp propose a spiritual toast to Gurudevji, and that is: As he has blessed us one and all with love and light, so let us in turn give him the blessing of love and light so that he stays with us here on earth until he is 100+ +. Happy Birthday Gurudevji, and Happy 25 years in America. Love and Light always, Chetana

Chetana Catherine Florida | July 26, 1996: A Tribute to Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu