Giving as a Spiritual Philosophy

The center also practices giving as part of its spiritual philosophy, and monthly donates to Sasha Farm,  Partners in Health, and Whitmore Lake Community Center. In addition, it has created the Caring Community, which supports those in need.

Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji

Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji travels from India each year to the United States sharing the universal teaching of Ahinsa and reverence for all life. He visits the center several times during the year teaching. He and his wife Pramodaji Chitrabhanu are the spiritual advisors for the Lighthouse Center. Find out more at All are welcome to his weekends of teaching.


Ahinsa, ‘Living in Peace with All Beings’

There is a deep commitment to developing inner peace and peace in the world, through the practice of meditation and Ahinsa. Ahinsa is “Living in Peace with All Beings”. Ahinsa means respecting others’ point of view and striving to live in harmony and compassion with nature and all living beings. This is the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Practicing Vegan Lifestyles

The practice of Ahinsa has influenced the Center to encourage a vegan lifestyle, striving to grow in understanding that all beings live their own spiritual path, and by living in peace with all beings, one moves forward toward spiritual enlightenment. All shared food at the center is vegan/plant based, and there are many at the center who create, educate and share a vegan lifestyle with Love. For more information, see the Vegan Lifestyle page.

Metaphysical and Meditation Classes

The center offers many types of classes which are influenced by our late guiding teacher, Chetana Catherine Florida, who was a beloved teacher of many at the center. She developed many of the metaphysical and meditation classes, which are still being taught today. The center also offers a monthly introduction to meditation, that teaches Mantra Meditation, in the Jain tradition. Register for an ongoing classes or drop in to one of the weekly programs.

Healing at the Lighthouse Center

Members of the center have experienced healing miracles of all kinds and a great variety of healing arts is represented through the membership. The Lighthouse Center has many strengths, one of which, is the healing energy. Healing is available to all who wish it at the weekly candlelight meditation service and at the monthly Healing Night.

Spiritual Development

At the Lighthouse Center we are dedicated to building upon our foundation of meditation to develop spiritually together, and each in our own ways. We use mudras, affirmations and visualization to enhance our meditation practice. We also encourage the spiritual practices of silence, service and fasting. We practice Ahinsa and encourage a plant-based diet as we learn more and more to live peacefully, having reverence for all life.

So come and explore the website, visit the Center, take classes, participate, and be a part of the community. The Lighthouse Center is a non-denominational spiritual community dedicating itself to sharing and helping others live a life of Ahinsa, peace and well-being.