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Rainbow Food for the Vegan Palate by Pramoda Chitrabhanu
Published in 2015
New York Times Lauded Cook
Author of Foods of Earth Tastes of Heaven



What People are Saying…

Pramoda Chitrabhanu seasons her cooking with asfoetida, cumin seeds, coriander leaves, strands of saffron and other exotic spices. She says ‘First, Most Important Ingredients in Each Recipe is: Love’
    Post Gazette – August 30, 1978

Pramoda Chitrabhanu is one of the leading exponents of Gujarati cookery
   The New York Times, November 8, 1978

As does an artist using primary colors, Pramoda Chitrabhanu creates an endless variety of flavors with her palate of spices. She makes these Indian dishes very accessible and easy to understand.
    Gannett Suburban Newspaper, July 10, 1991

I hope you enjoy these delicious recipes and their power to bring you the best of health, and that you can share this power with your loved ones.
   Dr. Neal Barnard

This book is not just a cookbook for tasty, healthy, and cruelty-minimizing meals. It is also the foundation for a life of joy, abundance and peace for all.
   Dr. Will Tuttle

Pramoda Chitrabhanu’s deeply felt, honestly expressed, and joyously celebrated journey to a non-violent diet will nurture the book’s readership with a mother’s love.
   Michael Tobias