The Lighthouse Center depends on the generosity of members and friends to continue running the center.

Many of the weekly functions, classes and events are offered on a donation basis. Individual donations and pledges are deeply appreciated.

May your generosity be returned to you many times over.
The Lighthouse Center Inc.

One-time donations

Individual donations range from a one-time gift, offering donations yearly or as part of estate planning.

Donate Online

Donation/Pledge Form (pdf) – mail to:

The Lighthouse Center Inc.
740 East Shore Drive
PO Box 645
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189-0645.

Please make checks payable to: The Lighthouse Center Inc.

At the Lighthouse Center:

Place the donation in the box in the foyer.
Please make checks payable to: The Lighthouse Center Inc.


Register at:

Account #90869

Instructions (PDF) – How You Can Help With Kroger


Help the Lighthouse Center when you buy anything from Amazon.

If you do any shopping on, there is a very simple way to support the Lighthouse Center directly. It is the Amazon Smile program.

A few years ago the Lighthouse Center set up a charity gift program with Amazon that covers everything you purchase on Amazon at no additional price markup to you.

Simply go to and Amazon donates to the Lighthouse Center. 

Once you open the link, it is important that you bookmark this link. Then, when you make any purchases on Lighthouse Center will receive a small percentage of your purchase. Please note that by joining or using Amazon Smile does not increase the price of the item. Every purchase you make Amazon will provide the Lighthouse Center 50 cents for every $100 spent by anyone using the link. If we all do this, the donations will add up quickly. You may also share this link with family and friends so they may donate to the Lighthouse Center.

If you would like more information on the Amazon Smile program, go to

Become a Pledging Member
Pledges create a stable financial basis for the Center to run and is a way one can give on a consistent basis and time frame. Pledges can be a combination of money and/or volunteer time.

Platinum Membership
$1212.00 per year
($101 month)
Receive a $100 Gift Certificate*

Gold Membership
$601.00 per year
($50 month)
Receive a $60 Gift Certificate*

Silver Membership
$241.00 per year
($20 month)
Receive a $24 Gift Certificate*

Bronze Membership
$101.00 per year
($10 month)
Receive a $10 Gift Certificate*

Basic Membership
$61.00 per year
($5 month)

Alloy Membership
Enter a Pledge Amount above the Basic Membership $___/yr ($___/mo)
Please contact Prachi Thiel for a specific pledge amount at
You will receive a Gift Certificate valued at 10% of your Yearly Pledge up to $100.

*Gift certificate will be mailed to you when your Pledge has been met on/or before December of the year pledging.

  • Birthday Wish Donation
    Inspired by Rachel Beckwith

Rachel Beckwith Tops $1 Million for Charity:Water

Rachel Beckwith didn’t live to see her birthday wish, but more than 50,000 people in need of clean water will, now that her campaign has hit $1,011,936 and counting.


Read her story:
When Rachel died on July 23 from injuries she sustained in a car crash, she had raised $220 for “Charity: Water”, a nonprofit that brings potable water to developing countries. The Bellevue, Wash. girl had decided to celebrate her birthday with the fundraiser instead of getting gifts, but fell $80 short of a goal that would’ve helped 15 people in need.

After Rachel passed away though, her mission was revived and amplified by thousands of complete strangers who have made Rachel’s campaign, ““Charity: Water’s” largest in history.

“I’m just blown away by the overwhelming love and support and response that we’ve gotten from it,” Rachel’s mother, Samantha Paul, shared on the CBS Early Show Monday. “It’s overwhelming.”

Paul met founder and CEO of “Charity: Water”, Scott Harrison, for the first time Monday and the two expressed their commitment to keeping Rachel’s legacy alive.

“Lives are being transformed through this little girl’s selflessness,” Harrison remarked. He offered to take Rachel’s mom to Africa to meet those very people her daughter has impacted.

“I’ve always been so unbelievably proud of her, of the choices she’s made throughout her life,” Paul shared. “I’m just glad that everyone can share in the ‘Rachel experience’ now.” ( August 2,2011)

Rachel as a guiding example!!

Rachel was a small child with an open heart, who saw the selflessness in giving to others rather than receiving. What an inspiration from such a little girl, whose vision to donate, helped so many!  Rachel’s values and vision are among those we support here at the Lighthouse Center.  So, with Rachel as a guiding example,   we thought we would like to also have a Birthday Wish donation set up at the Lighthouse Center. Gifts to help others, gifts of selflessness, are like karma, they have a ripple effect of reaping the goodness outward, like Rachel’s gift had.   Rachel gave a gift of selflessness, a gift of sustaining another life because of your life, and a gift that deeply connects one to all that is living; a gift without greed or ego.

The Lighthouse Center has made available Birthday Wish Certificates

If you wish to donate on your own birthday or as a gift for someone dear to you.    A gifted donation can be made to the Lighthouse Center to help sustain and help the Lighthouse community, those in need, coats and hats for the homeless, blankets for nursing homes, holding retreats on peace and nonviolence, having guest speakers on various subjects but always with the premise of nonviolence and peace, our many classes, as well as the needed upkeep of the Center so that these things can take place.

What a beautiful way to honor someone on their birthday, a gift that never stops giving, a gift that says, “I chose this charity, because my light sees the light in you”.

May Your generosity be returned to you many times over.
The Lighthouse Center Inc.

After reading her story, you can make a donation, just follow these instructions:

Choose whom you would like to make a Birthday Wish Donation for, it can be your birthday or someone else’s.

Make a check out to the Lighthouse Center, Inc., and notate in the memo field Birthday Wish Donation.

Or, pay using PayPal to make the donation.

  1. Specify the person in whose name the donation is made, if you like.
  2. Print the Certificate (pdf)
  3. Fill it out for the person in whose name you are making the Birthday Wish Donation and send it to them.