Holiday Message Party 2020

Date: Saturday, January 11, 2020
Gather: 5:30 pm
Meditation: 6:00 pm
Party: after meditation to ? – draw messages, vegan potluck, small group discussion of messages


Love Offering: $30.00 attending; $35.00 proxy
Holiday Message Party registration form
(Print, fill out and mail)

Bring in the New Year in the highest vibration, meditating with us to release the old and welcome in the new for 2019.

Contact: Prachi Thiel – 734.417.5804 –

A Meditation/sharing celebration to receive messages for the New Year!

Messages come in the form of Astrology, Tarot, I Ching, Medicine Cards, Runes, Angel Cards, Crystals, Numerology and much more – all channeled by the Lighthouse Center, Inc. students and friends. The students who prepare the messages do so with the highest energy asking that all messages drawn are in Divine Order, Love and Light.

You will receive around 25 messages to help you see what your Blessings and Challenges are for 2020. Getting the messages is like getting a road map before you go on a trip. The road map shows you what to be aware of – i.e., detours, roads being reworked, sights to be seen, etc. – until you reach your destination.

Format for Holiday Message party:

Meditation – beginning at 7:00 pm
Draw your messages
Enjoy a Vegan potluck that spotlights the joy of plant based cooking
Groups will be created to discuss our messages. (This last step may be skipped, but if this is your first time, it is highly recommended you do this to get a full understanding of your messages).

Donation is $30.00.
For those attending, please bring a Vegan dish to share. We will have labels so you can label your dish if you need it.

Donation for proxy messages is $35.00 to cover shipping and handling.
For those who are unable to attend, we can pull your messages by proxy. The person pulling your messages will do so with your name and asking the messages that they pick be the ones you need for 2014 in Divine Order, Love and Light.


The New Year’s Eve Ceremony can be done at home. You can do it after the 1st. It is suggested that you do it as close as you can to New Year’s Eve, using the same timeframe, meditation and preparation. For those who can’t attend at the center here are instructions to bring in the New Year 2020 – New Year’s Eve Ceremony.