Weekly Candlelight Meditation

Sunday – 6:00-7:15 pm

You are welcome to attend this weekly meditation, which is open to the public. You can attend even if you have not meditated before. For more information, see the description below.

Begin the new week by renewing your spirit with chanting, meditation, prayer, visualization and a healing circle. Reiki healing is also available at Candlelight. (For more information on Reiki see link:  What is Reiki?)

Love donations gratefully accepted.

Description of Candlelight Ceremony:

We begin by chanting the Navkar Mantra, a Sanskrit mantra, which invites all Enlightened Beings from all spiritual paths to join with us. As we chant, we go to the altar and each of us lights a taper and passes it through the flames of each of the large candles, each candle symbolizing the qualities of the Divine God Consciousness: Love, Light, Divine Order, Healing, Abundance, Peace, Strength, Clarity, Power, Miracles and Humor. At each large candle we silently say, “I embrace the power of Love” (or Light, or Divine Order, the name of each candle) as we pass our tapers (soul flame) through the flames of the Divine. As we complete the ceremony, we place our individual taper in a candle holder on a tray at the end of the row of large candles, and move on to the stand of votive candles where we light a candle or as many as we like for people or animals who have transcended (died).

Then we take our seats and continue with a number of Sanskrit chants. (Songbooks are available to follow along.) We then pray The Lord’s Prayer together. We invite all Enlightened Beings to be with us during the empowerment and meditation. We then empower the Light, visualizing a pinpoint of light in the center of the sanctuary and, using the mantra Namo Sitarnum, we expand the Light to everyone in the sanctuary, all those who have joined us on the astral plane, and out of the center in all four directions to Infinity. This is done for several minutes, then the mantra is released and meditation continues, each person using her or his mantra for 20 minutes. If you do not have a mantra or other meditation practice, you can pray or use visualization.

At the end of the meditation, there is a channeled message and affirmations. We then have a healing circle where we first put ourselves into the center of the circle for healing on all levels. Each person may then put people, animals, situations or anything they like into the center of the circle for healing. We do this individually. Requests can be put into the circle silently or out loud. We then stand and have a closing circle around the tapers. We give and receive special blessings, (from you I receive and to you I give…) Then, we blow out the tapers together and share healing hugs.