Ahinsa and the Vegan Lifestyle

The Lighthouse Center, Inc. encourages the daily practice of Ahinsa; a belief that we try our best to live in unity with non-violence and kindness expressed toward all living beings including animals. By staying within this belief and reflecting our higher purpose, the LHCI promotes a plant-based diet.

We hope to make plant-based recipes seem less daunting and more appetizing for those who wish to move from their particular dietary lifestyle to solely plant-based.

Plant-based diets have the advantage of helping in these economically challenging times by lowering the grocery bill without compromising on nutritional value or flavor. In some cases, the savory ingredients in plant-based cooking are more appetizing and lower in fat, and you may find that they will be requested over those containing animal protein!

Be Blessed, Healthy, and help Plant Earth through Ahinsa